How To Get A FREE "Number One" Foam Finger Backbling In Fortnite! (How Do You Get FNCS Drops?)

Surprise, surpirse, we can get ourselves yet ANOTHER entirely free item in Fortnite. This time, you get a “NUMBER ONE” foam finger backbling as well as a spray and an emoticon. All you have to do is watch some Twitch streams, which I show you where and how to do in this video.

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40 comentários em “How To Get A FREE "Number One" Foam Finger Backbling In Fortnite! (How Do You Get FNCS Drops?)”

  1. Foam finger combo:Frozen Fishstick,Foam Finger,default style style for skyes swords,the regular umbrella and the henchmen wrap

  2. To the 1% of people who read this.
    You are amazing and blessed please stay safe. Have a amazing day.
    I have been struggling on views so some help is appreciated!

  3. I was confused because I got the backboard style and old drops from last fncs or whatever. If you get those just watch another 30 minutes and you'll get the new ones too.

  4. I was watching fresh for half an hour, now I should have these when I get on fortnite right? I literally just linked my epic to twitch for this, I just started playing recently so there's a reason for that

  5. Mccreamy known for: Challanges
    Comikaze known for: Sniping
    Jarvis known for: Aimbotting
    Serpent: Macro
    MrBeast known for: giving away money
    Fresh: sweet
    Lazarbeam: Memes
    Flea known for: Montages
    Pro Guides known for: pro tips and guides (duh)
    Bugha: best player
    Nicks known for: customs
    Grant: one of best mobile players
    Tiko: "FISHY ON ME"
    EJLad: best at exposing
    Milliam: editor
    Ryft: fastest editor

    I made this myself so now u have to subscribe. Jk or am i

  6. Tabor Hill , I love ur content and with this vid u helped me because at first , I was watching a rong streamer and did not get anything but when u made this vid , I saw the streamer u showed helped me get the drop , So thanks u saved me

  7. Hey man im confused too what streamer did u watch?

    I tried to watch EmadGG and i watched for 3 hrs and didnt get nothing

    so i re linked my twitch acc. Still nothing

    any others streamers that have drops that i could watch to get some good stuff?

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